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Cornerstone and first occupants for DSTRCT.Berlin revealed!


DSTRCT.Berlin is in demand, even before the first cornerstone has been laid by HB Reavis. So far, two companies will reside there, STRATO AG and 1&1 IONOS.

It has only been six months since the first preparation works started at Alter Schlachthof. In the meantime, the construction permit was granted and, along with it, a new deal with STRATO AG and 1&1 IONOS was struck.
Together more than 550 people will settle there. The enterprises will enjoy 16,000 sq. m of various types of workspaces, equal in size to more than 60 tennis courts.
HB Reavis is an international workspace provider that puts people and their needs first. Its sub-brand, Origameo, can contribute greatly to easing the relocation process of any new occupiers, even before the actual move. Its multidisciplinary team evaluates, designs and delivers the future workspace, reflecting the individual needs of each company.
On the other hand, Symbiosy’s (smart building solutions) can provide insightful data about current space utilisation and empower people to adjust their working environment. Thanks to data collection and insights, the superpowers of the office can be revealed, making it possible to turn every working day into a productive yet relaxed one.


Well-being at DSTRCT.Berlin

Well-being doesn’t start and end with the space, it starts with the people. HB Reavis believes that every person has the right to a modern workspace that supports their well-being, health and productivity.
It aims to reconstruct the old Alter Schlachthof buildings to co-create a lively neighbourhood and construct a new office building with a human touch.
Biophilic and active design will be shown through well-planned areas for collaboration and relaxation during working hours that will support both health and productivity, whether you would like to find a quiet corner for focused work, lush greenery to relax your senses or somewhere to collaborate undisturbed with your colleagues.
Sport enthusiasts will enjoy changing rooms with showers and lockers for their bikes that will satisfy even the most demanding requirements. In addition to this, the active design of the building will keep them moving throughout the day.
Currently, the project is WELL Precertified, and upon completion it will aspire for the WELL Building Standard (Gold), DGNB (Gold) and WiredScore (Platinum).

Public opinion counts

Starting such an extensive project wouldn’t have been possible without the support and open discussions with the local municipality.
Aside from that, HB Reavis values the people who are affected by the development the most – the local community. For this reason, community meetings are held to show the plans for DSTRCT.Berlin and how it will come in line with the area. Historical buildings will turn into a lively food market with cafes and restaurants.
Neighbour Day has already taken place, and today there is a second one to announce our first occupier and for the cornerstone to be placed.

DSTRCT.Berlin is planned to be delivered in 2021. To learn more about the project and get the freshest news, visit dedicated DSTRCT.Berlin website.